Heidi Range Stunned By Internet Abuse

Sugababes star Heidi Range was stunned when an internet troll urged the curvy singer to get an eating disorder.

The blonde bombshell's voluptuous figure has been the target of many hateful tweets, and the Liverpudlian is now only starting to ignore the cruel taunts.

She tells The Mirror: "Someone once tweeted me saying: 'Why don't you get an eating disorder, you look fat next to the other girls in the band,' which was a bit harsh. Now when people criticise me I just think, 'Get a life!' I have never been really heavy but I have gone up and down.

"But the older I get, I have learnt to accept myself and when someone on a website is commenting on my outfit, I think, 'Haven't you got something better to do?' I have. I don't have time to comment on what earrings some stranger is wearing!"

The singer also admits the jibes affected her onstage performances, adding: "Of course it hurt, I've had moments when it has bothered me. But I get paid to go on stage - it's my job - so sometimes I have had to force myself. I don't buy those magazines which make a point of criticising. I used to, but now I'm older, I know that all people have good and bad days, and who are they to judge people on what size their waist is or whether they are a nice person or not?"

However, she has never been happier with her figure, and credits her new body issue approach with maintaining the regime she undertook last winter on Dancing on Ice: "I've always worked out and I enjoy the benefits of keeping fit. I like the way it makes me feel. But since I've been using my personal trainer, I feel so toned and healthy. I'm 30 next year and I feel the best I've ever felt in my life."