Blur Stages Twitter Show From Secret Location

Blur Stages Twitter Show From Secret Location

Reunited rock act Blur adopted an unusual way of premiering their new songs tonight as their performed them in a live show via Twitter.

The quartet sent a link to a live stream as they performed from a balcony at a secret location to unveil the first of the songs Under The Westway.

The band, who last reunited for gigs in 2009, have been working on at least two new tracks as they prepare for a headline show next month.

On song: Blur performed at a secret location for Twitter users

Throughout today the group has been teasing fans by posting images online as their equipment was set up, as well as a series of slogans. They included "the flash of a blade is one less getting paid", "it's smoke and mirrors until the autocue starts" and "I stood watching comets on their lonesome trails".

At 6.16pm the band burst into life with a slow, ringing piano and a whining guitar with a track which hinted at the band's sound in the early 1990s, with a hint of early 70s David Bowie.

The group - fronted by Damon Albarn, who has gone on to set up numerous side projects including Gorillaz - will be performing in Hyde Park next month in a show which coincides with the Olympic closing ceremony.

In a question and answer session via Twitter, the band confirmed the concert would be a career-spanning set "including the new tracks".

Asked how it felt to be playing together again guitarist Graham Coxon said: "Like a silk smoking jacket."

And in response to one fan who said she was wiping away tears, bass player Alex James responded: "I feel quite emotional too."

The band returned an hour later to perform their second track The Puritan, which was pacier and more rough-and-ready than the earlier song. Albarn, playing a half-size acoustic guitar, was grinning from ear to ear by the time the track wound up.

James could be seen bouncing around wearing shorts on the damp rooftop from which fans could get a view across west London, with a view of the Westway flyover in the background.

Albarn explained to fans unfamiliar with the road: "The Westway is one of the main communication arteries in London."

The road has also been immortalised in a documentary about punk pioneers The Clash called Westway To The World.

The two Blur tracks were the first newly-aired material since the release of a limited edition seven-inch single for Record Store Day in 2010.

In a Tweet to fans, Coxon agreed that Under The Westway could be seen as a companion song to their track For Tomorrow - which mentions Westway in its lyrics - from their second album Modern Life Is Rubbish.

In For Tomorrow, Albarn sings: "London's so nice back in your seamless rhymes, But we're lost on the Westway."

It also gets a mention in the 2010 track Fool's Day.


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