02/07/2012 13:07 BST | Updated 02/07/2012 13:24 BST

Celebrity Scientologists: Jason Lee, Kirsty Alley And Giovanni Ribisi Among Famous Faces Linked With Religion

Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise due to worries that her daughter Suri would be sucked into the Church of Scientology, according to TMZ.

Cruise has long been a high-profile member of the religion, which has been linked with a number of celebrities who insist that Scientology works.

Even so, the group has been dogged by accusations that it "preys on the vulnerable" and breaks up families.

Mike Rinder, an Australian Scientologist who was formerly chief spokesperson of the group left the church in 2007 amid a wave of revelations criticising the group for being physically and emotionally abusive.

Speaking out against Scientology in an interview with the BBC and CNN, he claimed he had been repeatedly beaten, controlled, and and lied to by senior Scientology members.

Scientology is officially recognised as a religion in the United States, meaning that it is tax exempt, a status that was challenged in Belgium and France, where it is has sometimes been classed as a "cult".

Despite this, there are many famous faces which have been linked with the institution. Jason Lee, from My Name is Earl and Giovanni Ribisi, married to model Agnes Deynn and known for playing Phoebe's younger brother in Friends, are among the Scientologists you may not have heard about.

Take a look at some more celebrity who have been linked with Scientology below (they include Bart Simpson... well the woman who voices his character at least).

Did you know these celebrities were scientologists?