03/07/2012 17:17 BST | Updated 02/09/2012 06:12 BST

Cathy Newman Mispronounces Twitter On Channel 4 News In Rude Gaffe (VIDEO) (POLL)

Twitter divides social media fans, with many failing to understand its 'followers' and 'favourites' let alone the broiling surge of a 'Twitter storm.'

However it seems Channel 4 news reader Cathy Newman may have let her views of the social network slip, when she introduced Twitter as '*hitter.'

It's a split second slip, and many may have heard her say 'chitter.'

However one YouTube afficionado definitely heard a rude word, uploading the video under: "You can follow us both on sh*tter- Cathy Newman EPIC FAIL!"

Watch the clip below. Jon Snow's ears seem to prick up as Newman makes the error.

Newman tweeted the link herself, asking the viewer to decide:

Although newsreaders are often revered as squeaky clean purveyors of news, similar rude gaffes occurred during the revelations about culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Co-host of BBC Today programme James Naughtie was the first to stumble onto unsavoury ground, accidentally replacing the "H" in Hunt with a "C." He began a coughing fit right afterwards.


Andrew Marr fell for the all-too-easy mistake later in the day. After referring to Naughtie's gaffe and promising not to repeat it, he went and mixed up his letters again. Oh well, least their mistake didn't happen on a Tuesday.


Check out other classic news reporter fails below: