05/07/2012 05:00 BST

Go Compare Advert Blasted For 'Aggressive' Commercial (PICTURES, VIDEO)

In Go Compare's latest advert its annoying opera singer is blown up by a bazooka-wielding Sue Barker, in a bizarre but perhaps understandable show of frustration levelled the most irritating character on telly.

But not it is the ad itself that's been blasted after some viewers believed it was unsuitable for children. Others insisted it trivilised the weapons used by armed forces overseas.

A balaclava-clad Sue Barker takes aim after the jingoistic opera singer accosts yet another unsuspecting couple about their car insurance

The Advertising Standards Authority told The Sun that the aggressive ad has attracted more than 43 complaints since it went live on Monday night.

The ASA told the paper: "Some people think it offensive especially at a time when children are watching. Others think it inappropriate when our security forces are coming under fire on a daily basis.”

Sue Barker trains a bazooka on the puffed chest of the money-saving poster boy

Despite depicting a battered opera singer crawling from the rubble, it seems that many have failed to see the funny side of Go Compare's self depreciating ad campaign.

Sue Barker rips off her balaclava with a satisfied sigh, believing she has blasted the opera singer to rubble

Criticism has been levelled at the poster version of the ad too, which shows Gio Compario (played by Welsh singer Wynn Evans) spray painted with derogatory comments and suggestions that he "jumps off a cliff" and the like.

The new adverts will trick you at first glance

A Samaritans spokesperson told The Metro: “Suicide is a serious issue and trivialising it through adverts, such as this one, is not helpful and can intrude into the shock and grief of those bereaved by suicide.”

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