07/07/2012 10:57 BST

Wimbledon Final: The Ball Boy And Girl Who Hope To Be Picked On The Big Day

Being ball boy or ball girl in tomorrow's Wimbledon final would be "incredible", two hopefuls said today.

Lauren Drewett and David Stewart have worked as ball boy and ball girl at SW19 for several years and are hoping to be picked for the long-awaited moment a Briton competes in the final.

The "veterans" are hoping they will top several years of high profile matches with the chance to take to the court with Andy Murray when he takes on Roger Federer.


Ballboys David Stewart, 18, from Tolworth, near Surbiton and Lauren Drewett, 17, from Sunbury

"It would be incredible," said 18-year-old David. "To ball boy the first guy in so many years, maybe the first champion since Fred Perry, your name would be down in history."

Lauren, 17, said: "It would be a dream come true."

The pair are in the same team and have worked on all of the All England club's courts during this year's championships.

David works at the net, running across the court, while Lauren is at the base line, "feeding" balls to the world's top players, as well as offering them a towel between points.

They have worked finals before, but are now eagerly waiting to see if they get picked for possibly the biggest one yet tomorrow.

"Over the years we've been on every court, met every player," said David, from Tolworth, near Surbiton.

"We've done Murray before, and we finished the Federer-Djokovic match yesterday.

"Different teams get tried out, because in the final they want the best team, so we're hoping we get there."

And whether they are on Centre Court or not, the pair will be rooting for Murray, although they said if "gentleman" Federer was playing anyone else, they would probably be backing him.

"It's a tough one to call, but at the end of the day it has to be Murray just because he is Great Britain," said Lauren, from Sunbury, Surrey.

"Murray is polite, to be honest a lot of them are. They don't talk much because they're there to win, but they are quite polite."

David added: "Federer is a real gentleman. But there are some people who are rude, especially if they're losing, they can take it out on you."

The 250 ball boys and girls are selected from certain schools, and undergo months of training ahead of the championships.

David, who attended Southborough High School, is in his fifth year at SW19, while Lauren, who was picked whilst a pupil at Sunbury Manor School, but is now at college, is in her fourth year.

Most people do not do much more than five years and tend to finish when they are 18, the pair said, but can sometimes return as supervisors, which they hope to do.

"You have a lot of training before your first year, then you need a bit less as you get more experienced," said David.

"The hardest bit is if you don't play tennis before you start, you've got to learn the scoring, the rules.

"You have got to know all the rules inside out so you know what to do when you're on the court."

The pair have been helping out the newcomers, offering handy tips and advice.

"There's a lot of experience this year so the newcomers feed off it," said David. "You learn things with experience."

Lauren's years of experience have helped her get to know what players like and how to help them on the court.

"They want different things, some like the ball fed slowly, one guy one year wanted two balls, then another two, then another two.

"You learn it the more you do it."

And although they are coming to the end of their time being able to work on the courts, they said this year was a great one to be involved in.

"My mum records all the games I'm on," said Lauren. "It's a great experience, it's kind of like one big holiday."

"To get that close to the players, to people who are famous, people who are on TV, and to be on TV with them. It's such a great opportunity. It's amazing really."