Georgia Ford Forced Off Twitter For Not Knowing That Wimbledon Was In London

Twitter User: 'Is Wimbledon Always Held In London?'

We don't know too much about Georgia Ford. Apart from that she's 21, she supports Sunderland AFC, and she...err...doesn't know that Wimbledon is in London.

Despite describing herself as a "canny lass", it seems geography may have slipped through her fingers.

"Is Wimbledon always held in London?" she tweeted, later explaining that she thought Wimbledon was purely the name of the competition and that it perhaps moved location each year.

A seemingly innocent mistake to make you'd think, but others disagreed. Thousands of people took to Twitter, some to retweet her question, others to make nasty remarks.

Some people took the question seriously and leapt forward in her defence or to help answer her question thoroughly:

Despite only logging on to innocently ask for some information Georgia saw no other option but to delete her account, and was forced off Twitter. Perhaps this shows the nasty side of social networking.

Even after the account was deleted people continued to make sly comments:


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