Ashley Murray, Teenage Knife Attack Victim, Dies After Porsche Hits Tree

A driver who died when his Porsche sports car hit a tree was the victim of a notorious knife attack as teenager.

Ashley Murray, 27, was the sole occupant of a Porsche Boxster, which crashed as it was overtaking another vehicle on Saturday.

North Yorkshire Police said the collision happened on the A61, near Harrogate.

Ashley Murray who was found stabbed and left at the bottom of a cliff at Birk Crag aged just 13

In 1999, when he was 13-years-old, Mr Murray was subjected to a horrific attack and left for dead by two friends, Daniel Gill, 14, and Robert Fuller, 15. He was taken to a nature reserve near Harrogate and stabbed a number of times with a knife and screwdriver. He was left wrapped in a bin bag.

One of the stab wounds missed a large blood vessel in Mr Murray's brain by a single millimetre, a court heard more than a decade ago.

A judge later heard that the two attackers had watched the horror film Scream before they took Mr Murray to the isolated spot where they attacked him. Mr Murray was found seriously injured almost two days later.

The two teenagers who attacked him were ordered to be detained for six years after being convicted of attempted murder but were released after serving half this sentence.

Mr Murray spent nine months in hospital. He made an amazing recovery but remained paralysed on one side.

Speaking of his attack after 11 years, he told the Independent: "We started walking down the steep crag. After about five minutes, they jumped on me from behind. One of them stabbed me in the cheek and it went straight through and knocked out my teeth. I jumped up and started running away, but my shoe fell off and I fell over."

He said one of the attackers was a close friend, adding: "There was nothing in his behaviour that suggested anything was about to happen. It turned out they'd been planning it since September."

North Yorkshire Police said the crash involving Mr Murray's Porsche happened in Almsford Bank on the A61.

A spokesman said the car was overtaking a blue Citroen Picasso at the time and was heading towards Leeds. It left the road and collided with a tree.

Mr Murray, who lived locally, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Traffic Sergeant Hamish Halloway said: "If you witnessed the collision or may have seen the Porsche prior to the incident please contact the police straight away."

Pat Hunter, head of Rossett School which Mr Murray attended, told the Yorkshire Post newspaper: "Speaking to staff today who were here at the time, they have all said what a happy and resilient lad he was.

"Obviously it was a very unpleasant set of circumstances for him but talking about him today, his determination saw him come back and do really well, which makes this all the more tragic."

An inquest into Mr Murray's death has been opened and adjourned.