17/07/2012 05:43 BST | Updated 15/09/2012 06:12 BST

'City Golf' App Wants You To Shoot Holes In The Street (PICTURES)

Urban golf is a semi-hipster pastime in which players shoot rounds of the Game of Kings in city streets.

Imagine a sort of post-apocalyptic British Open, played by twenty-somethings with nothing better to do.

Now a mainstream company is getting in on the action. Mercedes Benz has on Tuesday launched an App to help you reclaim your city streets in the name of putting.

City Golf has hit the Apple App Store. It offers 27 different holes, and has players swing their phones to mimick a golf shot in order to hit the ball.

If that sounds like a recipe for getting robbed - or else having your phone fly out of your hands - you may be right.

But as far as apps released to tie-in with sporting events go (Mercedes is a sponsor of the Open) this could be worse.

Before you download the free app, however, think hard: do you really want to place yourself in the ranks of the kind of person who plays in the Shoreditch Open? (see below)