The move comes days after Trump supporters launched a deadly attack on the US Capitol.
This marks Trump’s 31st golf trip to his Palm Beach resort, which in total account for just over two-thirds of his golf-related travel and security costs.
Has women's sport taken a back seat or is it playing the long game for funding and fans? Key figures weigh in.
It is the first time Trump has played golf since declaring the coronavirus a national emergency.
The top-ranked McIlroy, who has played golf with Trump, ripped the president's "terrible" leadership in the coronavirus pandemic.
The president often brags about not taking a paycheck, but his golf hobby has now cost taxpayers $133.8 million.
Rochester Cathedral in Kent has decided to setup a mini-golf course inside for the summer. The reverend hopes that the course will attract a younger congregation.
Golf superstar won his 15th major on Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club.
The victim was piloting a paramotor, or powered paraglider.
Two rare radiated tortoises hatched at Chester Zoo are the first of their kind in seven years. The golf-ball-sized cuties are from a species that has been pushed to the edge of extinction in their home environment of Madagascar, with hunting, poaching and trading reducing their numbers by 30 million in 30 years. Their mum, 50-year-old Smoothsides, laid the eggs last October.