Marilyn Mansfield, Doll Collector Shows Off Blood-Stained Horror Toys (PICTURES)

If the idea of a grown woman collecting dolls leaves you feeling uneasy, Marilyn Mansfield’s set of blood-stained horror toys is probably not for you.

Marilyn, who owns more than 500 lifelike dolls, unveiled the darker side of her collection – among which are the charmingly-named Krypt Kiddies and Living Dead Dolls.

Some of the murderous-looking toys are so sought after by other obsessive collectors that they are valued up to $2,500 (£1,590).

Marilyn Mansfield has a penchant for horror dolls

Marilyn first fell in love with the idea of horror dolls by watching the 1980’s Hollywood slasher movie, Child's Play, starring a homicidal doll who goes by the name of Chucky.

“I have always loved Chucky dolls,” admits Marilyn.

Scroll down for a somewhat sinister video of Marilyn building her dolls

“To have a demon baby in a black crib, that was always my fantasy.”

Marilyn is so devoted to her dolls that she has turned her hobby into a business, and now creates horror dolls and sells them to customers for up to $300 (£191).

Just imagine this charming creature in your child's bed

The collector and mother-of-one is also obsessed with dolls designed to be as close to real babies as possibly – called “reborners”.

She also creates “portrait babies” which are crafted to look like her customer’s children.

“I would say a lot more work goes into making a doll look life-like and real than goes into making a scary-looking doll,” said Marilyn.

“I find it more challenging to make them look realistic.”

Explaining her obsession, she said: “Holding these dolls is so calming and relaxing - the experience is very absorbing.

“I take them out with me and my family in a car seat and in a stroller. I don’t do it for attention, it just makes me feel very content.

“If someone thinks the doll is real or asks me questions, I’m always sure to tell them it’s only a doll.

“When your own kids are babies, it’s a special time. Having a reborn doll is like having that all of the time.

Marilyn Mansfield doll collection

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