22/07/2012 14:35 BST

Bradley Wiggins Wins Tour De France: Calls For Cyclist To Be Knighted In The New Year

Before Bradley Wiggins had even crossed the finishing line to become the first ever British winner of cycling's greatest race, the internet was already buzzing with calls for the Team Sky rider to be knighted.

Wiggins was given an OBE in the New Year's honours of 2005 for services to cycling after he won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2004 Olympics in Athens four months earlier.

But the clamour has now begun for the the Tour de France winner to become a Sir and to see him crowned Sports Personality of the Year.

bradley wiggins

Bradley Wiggins is the first Briton to win the Tour de France

After his victory, bookmaker Coral gave odds of 4-1 that Wiggins would be knighted in the New Year's honours and odds of 2-1 that he would receive the honour before the end of 2013.

The bookmaker offered odds of 4-7 that he would be named BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Coral spokesman Gary Burton said: "Wiggins's win surely ranks as one of Britain's greatest sporting achievements, and unless we see something exceptional in London, he is surely a shoe-in for the sports personality award.

"We also think he is in line for a visit to the Palace too. This is surely on a par with what Chris Hoy achieved in Beijing."

Writing on Wiggins' Facebook page, Bob Collishe was among those calling for a knighthood for the cyclist.

He said: "What a complete pleasure watching the tour this year. You've worked so hard and deserve it. Arise Sir Bradley Wiggins is all I can say - spectacular cycling and athletic career you've had. Enjoy the day tomorrow, I'll be shouting for the Brits on the Col de Box Hill next week ;)"

Celia Williams wrote: "What a champ! History in the making. What a Brit! You make me proud to be British and your achievement in the sport of cycling is deserving of more accolades than I am able to list and wishing you equal championship wins in the Olympics Bradley. Should be 'Sir Bradley!!!!!!"


A host of high profile figures called for the cyclist to be knighted in recognition of his achievement

Steve Airey added: "Nice one Bradley you've made history, a well earned win :) Sports Personality of the Year next go for it!"

Jim Critchley said: "Arise Sir Bradley. Possibly the best performance ever by a UK athlete and possibly the best season ever by any athlete anywhere in the world. You legend :)"

Others called for Wiggins to be given the honour of lighting the Olympic flame at the London 2012 opening ceremony on Friday, ahead of the hotly tipped, five-times Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave and legendary athletes Sir Roger Bannister, Daley Thompson, and Dame Kelly Holmes.

Ray Scully said on Facebook: "Surely now, it must be Brad who has the honour of lighting the Olympic bowl on Friday."

Alison Nightingale echoed his sentiments, saying: "Good look brad. take care on cobbles u have earned tour de france win, all the uk behind u & u should be the lighter of olympic torch in london."

Twitter was also alive with calls for Wiggins be knighted, and a campaign to see him carry the Team GB flag at the opening ceremony was gathering support, although some members of the cycling team will not be present on the night as the men's and women's cycling road races take place next Saturday and Sunday. The name of the Team GB flagbearer is due to be announced tomorrow.

Olivia Millington wrote: "@bradwiggins deserves a knighthood after today! Just take it easy, take in the scenery and enjoy your ride! Well done @TeamSky!"

JD Hughes tweeted: "Note to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Bradley Wiggins must have a knighthood, or I will be disappointed."

Jonny Wardrobe added: "Might as well just give Bradley Wiggins his Sports Personality of the year, and his knighthood when he finishes today?"

Chris Pattinson added: "Wiggins on verge of Tour victory. Surely a knighthood for @bradwiggins if @chrishoy did for his cycling achievements......!!"