23/07/2012 04:44 BST | Updated 23/07/2012 04:45 BST

Nokia 'Considering Exclusive Revenue Share' With Carriers Over Windows Phone 8 Device

Nokia is said to be considering exclusivity deals with select networks over the release of its Windows 8 phones in the autumn.

Traditionally Nokia has attempted to make its handsets available to as many carriers as possible.

But in what the Financial Times calls "an attempt to recreate the excitement around Apple's exclusive launch of the original iPhone", it now appears the troubled Finnish company might restrict those sales to as few as one or two carriers in Europe.

Recently Nokia posted $1bn operating loss for the second quarter of 2012.

Sales of its Lumia range doubled to four million, but that number was still small compared to its competitors' key devices.

While its Lumia 800 and 900 Windows 7 phones have received good reviews for industrial design, so far Microsoft's platform has not won the market share needed to reverse its declining fortunes.

Meanwhile Apple and Samsung have built a dominant position in the smartphone space.

As a result, Nokia now considers the launch of its Windows Phone 8 device central to its future success.

The FT says it is offering carriers a revenue share over the launch of its new phone, as well as exclusivity, in return for retail support and special offers.

The paper quoted unnamed sources, who said France Telecom was one carrier which had been approached. Everything Everywhere, which runs T-Mobile and Orange in the UK, could also be involved.

Nothing has been confirmed, however, and all parties have refused to comment.

Windows Phone 8 is scheduled for release in the autumn.