'Project Holodeck' Could Turn Full 3D Virtual Reality Into... Reality

'Project Holodeck' Could See Star Trek Dream Made Real

The 3D 'Holodeck' could be made into a reality if a project to create a 360-degree virtual reality simulator comes to fruition.

The Project Holodeck team at the University of Southern California (USC) says it wants to create a full body simulator which will allow players to literally walk around a large digital space.

Using gaming headsets with a 105-degree, 3D view, the player's movement will be tracked with a PlayStation Move sensor.

Another motion controller, a Razer Hydra Sixense, will track six-axis hand movements.

The result is said to be a truly immersive gaming experience.

"This isn't like watching a floating television - this is true immersion in a virtual world with simulated peripheral vision," the team told Road To VR

They are now talking to gaming companies and Disney about turning the idea into a real product, but said it is likely to remain "an arcade experience" and not a home product for consumers.


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