24/07/2012 07:47 BST | Updated 23/09/2012 06:12 BST

Madonna Takes Another Gaga Swing - So Did Born This Way Copy Express Yourself? Listen And Compare...

She's done it before on stage, now Madonna's taking pops at her seeming pop successor Lady Gaga, on television.

The superstar, who recently brought her MDNA tour to the UK, was asked by a Brazilian chat show host what she thought of Gaga's song Born This Way.

Madonna has taken another swipe at Gaga for copying her

According to Digital Spy, she replied sweetly, "I'm a really big fan. I'm glad that I helped write it."THOCK!

Madonna had previously made slyer digs at her rival on stage, mashing up her rendition of Express Yourself with a few additional chords of... guess what...

And Gaga hasn't held back either, calling claims that she copied her fellow platinum diva "retarded" - apologies for choice of words were later issued.

Lady Gaga has rejected claims that she is anything other than an original

Madonna has had her share of accusations of plagiarism, with this musical troupe recently accusing her of stealing their melody for her song Vogue...

Of course, we could stop to celebrate the fact that, in a world of reality-show produced robots all willing to sing/mime whatever's put in front of them by exec types, there are not just one but TWO feisty, self-motivated, creative women Born to Express Themselves thus.

But the controversy wouldn't be anything like as personal if the two hadn't moulded themselves along the same defiant, self-reliant, take-no-nonsense lines and, above all, ORIGINALITY.

So enough of all this - time for a Pepsi challenge. Here's Madonna's Express Yourself v Gaga's Born This Way. Did Gaga copy Madonna, or is it all a load of nonsense designed to keep Madonna still in the headlines that Gaga seems to steal so effortlessly? LISTEN AND HAVE YOUR SAY...