26/07/2012 17:11 BST

US Bar Fits Pregnancy Test Dispenser To Prevent Prenatal Exposure To Alcohol (VIDEO/PICTURES)

Cigarettes, tampons and condoms: your three main pub vending machine needs covered, surely?

Well, it seems not. Last week a non-profit organisation (focused on lowering the incidence of prenatal exposure to alcohol) announced the world's first pregnancy test dispenser.

The Healthy Brains for Children charity placed the vending machine in a women's toilet in Pub 500, Mankato, Minnesota as part of its Think Before You Drink Initiative.

pregnancy test dispensers

And this vending machine is just the 'first', states the charity.

"Healthy Brains for Children seeks to locate pregnancy test dispensers in women's restrooms in bars, gas stations, malls, fitness centers, etc. to target those at high risk for unexpecting pregnancies," says the website.

According to a recent study by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, 1 in 13 women in America drink alcohol during pregnancy, and a fifth of those report binge drinking.

The charity hopes to encourage safer drinking habits during pregnancy to prevent damage to the unborn fetus.

Moderate drinking during pregnancy found to be safe

According to the Star Tribune, the charity's executive director and founder Jody Crowe hopes the dispensers will allow women to take a pregnancy test in the privacy of the restroom without having to purchase a pregnancy test over the counter.

"In a small community, purchasing a pregnancy test can be an embarrassing event and expose the woman to the gossip of the town."