31/07/2012 15:47 BST

Boris Johnson Invites Rupert Murdoch To Olympic Games

Boris Johnson has invited Rupert Murdoch to join him in watching the final of the 800m swimming which is likely to feature British gold medal hope Rebecca Adlington.

A spokesperson for the mayor said:"As the Mayor has always said he would use the Games to shamelessly promote London as the leading business hub in Europe.

"With that aim in mind he's meeting and will continue to meet a range of business and media executives at or on the margins of Olympic events to further London's drive for investment that will spur jobs and growth."

According to the Evening Standard, the London mayor has also asked the media mogul's wife Wendi Deng to join them.

Relations between Murdoch and the coalition government have soured since the phone hacking scandal and creation of the Leveson inquiry.

Murdoch, who has indicated his company is wary of investing in the UK in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, appears to have had one eye on the Games.

"London Olympic opening surprisingly great, even if a little too politically correct. Danny Boyle a creative genius," he tweeted on Saturday.

Boris's suggestion of a joint public appearance with Murdoch is in stark contrast to efforts by David Cameron to distance the government from News Corporation in the wake of the phone hacking scandal.

While in March Murdoch took a shot at Cameron when he said there should be a "full independent inquiry" in to accusations that the Conservative Party was willing to change policy in exchange for money from wealthy donors.

Boris however was reported to have dined with Murdoch last year, just days before the police launched an investigation into phone hacking.

And he has been criticised for dismissing phone hacking allegations in 2010 as "politically-motivated codswallop".

Boris made an appearance at the beach volleyball in Horse Guards Parade on Tuesday, the day after he praised the female participants as "glistening otters".

Attempting to lead the crowd in a Mexican wave, the mayor managed to patent a new form of celebration as everyone reportedly lept into the air at the same time.

"That's the first Boris wave of the Olympics," joked the stadium announcer.