31/07/2012 13:28 BST

Edinburgh Festival Comedy: 10 Questions With Iain Stirling

One-time Chortle Student Comedian of the Year Iain Stirling is back at the Edinburgh Fringe with a new stand-up show. And, being a nice, amenable kind of bloke, he's taken time out to answer our 10 Quick Questions...

Pitch your Edinburgh show in 25 words or less.

Iain Stirling tells his best jokes for an hour while flicking through a Cliff Richard calendar. The phrase 'verbal dexterity' is used at one point.

Your best Edinburgh moment?

My first Late 'n' Live was pretty special. I was convinced the 3am crowd were going to eat me alive, but I actually had a lovely gig. Then I got more drunk than them.

And your worst?

Erm... possibly waking up having had one hour's sleep the morning after Chortle Student Comedy Awards and having to go to London to do some filming. That was a long day.

You've got one hour free in Edinburgh - what do you do?

Well, if you've got a free hour, come see my show! Obviously. But if it's not 9:40pm, I recommend the Braid Hills. Lovely place to go walking and it has great views of Edinburgh.

Which Edinburgh landmark/venue/place would you give a five star review to?

The Stand. Every comic will say this, but it's where I started my career and it's the best room in the UK for comedy.

Give us a secret Edinburgh tip!

The Stable Bar is a lovely pub out in the sticks (well, Mortonhall). Great tracks to go for walks or bike rides, cheap booze, big open fire, great food and you can bring your dog! Ideal!

Deep-fried haggis or deep-fried Mars bar?

Haggis! It's amazing. Have it with proper Edinburgh 'salt 'n' sauce'.

Kilt or trousers?

Kilt (if it's a wedding or birthday).

Arthur's Seat or Arthur Smith?

Smith! Arthur's Seat is overrated (see previous Braid Hills comment).

Complete this sentence: “In Edinburgh, I will be mainly...

Doing my show. Or drinking in the Stable Bar!

Iain Stirling’s show Happy to be the Clown? is at 21.40 at the Udderbelly - Daisy, 1-26 August. Find out more and book tickets here.