Olympic Injuries: Athletes Reveal Painful Side To Games (PICTURES)

Ouch! The Olympic Stars Ending Games In Injury

It's the worst way to end four years of hard work, when your moment in the Olympic spotlight ends with an injury.

London 2012 athletes have had their fair share of mishaps - the most talked about being marathon runner Paula Radcliffe dropping out the Games before she arrived, citing a foot injury.

Handball and football players of both sexes have found themselves, legs a-kimbo, on the floor, though thankfully there's been less diving than the average Premier League game.

Judo, gymnastics and fencing competitors have also taken some nasty knocks - but in most cases that cost them their place on the podium.

They include German gymnast Plilipp Boy who injured his right ankle falling of the bar during the Artistic Gymnastics men's qualification, and fencer Husayn Rosowsky of Team GB, who went down with an injury during his men's individual foil against Mohamed Samandi of Tunisia.

Those Team GB soldiering on despite injury include hockey player Alex Danson, who is believed to be heading back into the team, after being stretchered off during the win against South Korea.


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