From triumphant celebrations to powerful moments of consolation.
I would encourage anyone to see the potential in more British businesses partnering with the country's para athletes as a journey of mutual benefit - one which can inspire a business as a whole, as well as supporting future sporting success on the global stage.
Here are the things that were happening while Donald J. Trump spent days attacking black athletes for protesting racial injustice.
Van Niekerk is on the road to becoming South Africa's greatest sporting star.
Jazmin Sawyers once again shone a light on an issue that is chronically brushed under the carpet, despite affecting millions of female athletes from elite to amateur. If I have learned anything, it's how easy it is to become part of the problem.
The human brain is an incredible thing. Whereas previously the brain was thought of as static and 'hard wired' in adulthood after your formative childhood years, now scientists have found that in fact, it is a highly adaptable and rewireable organ, right into old age.
I'm now into my third year as an ex-athlete. Some days, I feel a real sense of purpose, others I'm still a little lost. I'm now left to my own devices after years of being told what to do, where to go, even what to wear, as a professional footballer. The world outside of sport does not have those same restrictions, which taken as a standalone point, is ultimately great, but I had gradually become institutionalised by the whole process.
"That was the period which really gave me a completely new toolbox for how to live my life," Roll told HuffPost Australia
The clocks have gone back and the evenings are darker, but the pace of fresh new research into health and fitness hasn't slowed down at all. Here are five things we learned last month that may well be useful for your own training! Especially if you suffer from DOMS or a stitch...