07/08/2012 12:14 BST | Updated 01/04/2015 18:59 BST

Find The Right Diet For Your Skin Type (PICTURES)

Piling pounds of the latest super cream your face in the morning might make you feel better, but many beauty professionals no longer believe the product hype.

A recent survey of more than 200 beauty professional revealed that the majority (96%) believe a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is more beneficial to your skin than products applied topically such as moisturisers, serums and gels.

eat for face type

Susan Mahy, board director at Cosmetic Executive Women UK, commented: “Our panel of executive women in the cosmetic, fragrance and hairdressing industries concluded that the essential nutrients you need for healthy skin, hair and nails are most beneficial when ingested as part of your diet and have a direct effect on the skin."

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell agrees that the best way to effectively boost the condition, health and glow of your skin, hair and nails is to eat or drink essential vitamins found in everyday fruit and vegetables.

Here are her suggestions on how to eat your way past the four most common skin problems...

What To Eat For Your Skin Type