07/08/2012 15:22 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 15:35 BST

Lamb Abandoned By His Mother Is Given Grass-Eating Class By Human Owner (PICTURES)

These heart-warming pictures show a man trying to teach an abandoned lamb how to eat grass.

Posted on Imgur, the touching images come from user Nerothos, who explains he took it upon himself to try to wean the lamb off its bottles and onto the green stuff.


Honestly, you've got to try this stuff! But the lamb doesn't appear convinced...

Crawling around on his hands and knees with mouthfuls of grass and the odd dandelion dangling from his mouth, it looks like a truly loving gesture towards the animal, which was rejected by its mother.

Click through the pictures below to see if he was successful.

Little lamb finds a surrogate parent