07/08/2012 12:42 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 12:51 BST

Mars Landing: ‘Curoisity Rover' Profile Becomes Hit On Twitter

Nasa’s Curiosity rover successfully touching down on Mars on Monday has led to a 1000% increase in back-slapping in America, lots of serious scientific pondering – and also a comedy Twitter feed that’s proving a real hit.

Curoisity Rover (note the deliberately inaccurate spelling) has been sending regular tweets with a slightly less scientific feel to them.

The first one, posted on 5 August, set the tone: “Holy. F*****g. S**t. I am on Mars.”

This was followed closely by: “For real. Actual f*****g Mars. I cannot believe this s***.”

And another that exclaimed that a Martian had been spotted. Though this was quickly clarified as being a rock.

mars twitter

The first pictures that were beamed back from Mars by Curiosity were fairly unremarkable black-and-white images of the dusty surface – a fact not lost on Curoisity Rover.

It tweeted: “Sorry about the s***** black-and-white photographs. I have no f****** idea why none of the nerds thought to include a goddamn colour camera.”

mars twitter

Meanwhile, the real Curiosity Rover Twitter feed has been posting pictures of the three-mile-high mountain in the middle of the Gale crater and footage of its dramatic descent.


The three-mile high mountain in the Gale crater