Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Lavish Each Other With Presents

Kanye And Kim's Lavish Life

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West certainly know how to treat each other - they have reportedly spent £2.5m between them on expensive presents.

The lovebird spendaholics have opened their wallets to buy gifts for each other, including a £478,000 black Lamborghini birthday present for Kanye, a gold skull statue for Kim costing £21,000 and holidays to London, Paris and Cannes flying on private planes.

A source told The Mirror: "As much as they adore each other, they're both very strong-willed and there is a bit of a power struggle in the relationship.

"Both Kim and Kanye want to show they have their own money and fame outside of them getting together. But they're so besotted with each other that although they're spending so much, they barely bat an eyelid when they see the price tag or bill. After all, they're both multi-millionaires at the start of a big love affair."

And the pair has no desire to slow down their ego-spending.

The source added: "It's coming up to their six-month anniversary and they've got a lavish weekend planned. Both Kim and Kanye have told friends that they want to get each other the most extravagant gifts."

Kim has a history of extravagant spending when finding love - she is said to have spent millions on her ex Kris Humphries.

She has said in the past: "When I'm in love, you can't tell me anything. I'm in love with love!"


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