Luke Campbell Wins Bantam Weight Boxing Gold After Beating Ireland's John Joe Nevin In London 2012 Olympics Final

Cool Hand Luke Wins Gold

Battling boxer Luke Campbell earned Team GB another gold after a noisy Anglo-Irish tear-up at London 2012.

Campbell, 24, from Hull, overcame Ireland's John Joe Nevin who had to settle for silver in the 56kg bantamweight competition.

Home favourite Campbell was cheered on by a passionate local support - equally matched by followers of Irish traveller Nevin.

He told the BBC: "It was just about outwitting each other tonight. He (Nevin) is a very strong fighter, so I had to be aware.

"I had to be on my game to win and I was on my game tonight. I can’t believe it, I really can't. I’m very proud to be from Hull."

Campbell's hand is lifted by the referee to confirm his victory

But it was the Union flags held highest after judges gave the decision 14-11 to Campbell to the delight of the majority of the 10,000 sell-out crowd at the ExCel arena.

Campbell raised his hands in triumph - then burst into tears as the crowd chanted "Campbell! Campbell!"


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