12/08/2012 08:32 BST

Max George Swears Off Sex To Win Back Michelle Keegan, A Source Reveals

The Wanted star Max George has apparently sworn off sex in a bid to win back his estranged girlfriend Michelle Keegan.

As part of a boyband, Max enjoys a lot of attention from the ladies, but he seems determined to woo back his Coronation Street actress ex Michelle.

Max was reportedly dumped by Michelle last month after he allegedly kissed another girl and sent explicit texts to an ex, but he has promised to be on his best behaviour during the rest of his worldwide promotional tour with the pop group.

Max and Michelle share a kiss

A source told The Sun: "Max is serious about behaving himself - in real life and on his phone. He's been telling friends he wants to persuade Michelle to take him back and is dedicated to not having relations with any other women. It's not going to be easy while the band are on tour. They are constantly surrounded by women they're meeting for the first time but Max is committed to the challenge."

The Wanted are currently travelling around Australia and they are soon set to head to Los Angeles and New York.