Celebrity Couples

The couple, who have both previously been married, admitted that "sometimes marriage doesn't work".
The couple, who got engaged in May 2019, tied the knot after three years of dating.
Some fans mistook Keanu's companion Alexandra Grant for the Oscar winner.
The singer shut down a fan who called her “dumb” for naming a song after the “Saturday Night Live” star.
The singer is reportedly engaged to boyfriend Pete Davidson of 'SNL' – after just a few weeks of dating.
They “consciously uncoupled,” the comedian joked.
The former couple have seen each other three times in a matter of days.
For some of us, celebrities take up almost as much space in our brains as our closest friends. We know everything about them (or everything that they're willing to share or that a journalist can dig up). We lap up their latest films, TV shows, or music, and we refer to them by their first name like they're our best friend. 
It's no longer the case that we are vowing to stick together until the bitter end, so let's make sure that doesn't hold for our finances or homes either.