14/08/2012 14:51 BST | Updated 11/04/2014 10:59 BST

Best Office In Britain? Behind-The-Scenes At Google HQ (PICTURES)

What would it take to raise your motivation and creativity levels?

Perhaps a secret garden, 'Granny flat' interiors and an allotment.

That's certainly the conclusion at Google headquarters in Covent Garden, London, where the company's recently finished 160,000 sq ft headquarters offers a quirky take on the traditional office.

google hq

Occupying half of the ultra-modern Central Saint Giles development in Covent Garden over five floors, renowned interior designers PENSON were given the task of creating a vibrant workspace.

The result is amazing variation of work and lounging space which finds room for 1,250 non-traditional desks, according to a statement.

What this office make you work harder?

Behind-The-Scenes At Google HQ, London