Sherlock Actor Benedict Cumberbatch Wants To Quit UK Over 'Posh-Bashing'

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he is considering leaving Britain because he is fed up with being attacked over his privileged background.

The actor, 36, who shot to fame playing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's sleuth in the BBC detective drama, was educated at the top private school Harrow.

The War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star, whose parents were actors, told the Radio Times that "all the posh-bashing that goes on" made him consider moving to the US.

"I wasn't born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig," he said.

But Cumberbatch said that he had been "castigated as a moaning, rich, public-school b*****d, complaining about only getting posh roles".

He told the magazine: "It's just so predictable ... so domestic, and so dumb... It makes me think I want to go to America."

Cumberbatch, who is set to play an Edwardian aristocrat in BBC1 period drama Parade's End, said he enjoyed becoming a pin-up after Sherlock.

"It puts a bit of a spring in your step. It's nice, you swagger a little bit, it's enjoyable," he said.

The star added: "I've punched well above my weight this year. And that remains very much a secret ... I find it hysterically funny ... It's a giggle. I wield it with a massive smile."

He denied that he had split with his girlfriend, the actress Olivia Poulet, last year after 12 years together because of his fame.

"As much as people have conjectured, 'Oh, it's typical, it's the first love being done over', well no, of course it's f****** not," he said.

"But you know, everyone gets hold of scant facts, and because they're obsessed with me, they weave a narrative."

His comments came as comedian Jack Whitehall told the magazine that he tried to sound less posh when he first started out.

"When I first started out as a stand-up, I changed my voice because I was so worried about being posh, but it wasn't really true to who I am," the Fresh Meat star said.

"I had to just accept it. I would like to be offered a job as a blokey, Danny Dyer-type character, but it hasn't happened yet."