15/08/2012 07:44 BST

MPs Are 'Paid Too Much And Don't Work Hard Enough', Say Public

MPs are paid too much and do not work hard enough, according to a majority of people surveyed for a poll published on Thursday.

The YouGov survey showed that 60% of people think politicians' salary of £65,738 is too much, while 28% said they are paid the right amount. Only 5% of those asked think MPs are paid too little.

In news that will depress many MPs, 43% of those asked thought their representatives in Westminster did not work for enough hours and only 8% think they worked too hard. The poll showed that 31% said MPs work about the right amount.

In the past the salary of politicians was set by MPs themselves, however following the parliamentary expenses scandal of 2009 it was decided it should be taken out of their hands.

The power now rests with the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) which also oversees the parliamentary expenses regime,

In May Ipsa launched a consultation asking members of the public what they thought MPs should be paid.

The YouGov survey also asked whether it was possible for someone with a partner and children to do a good job as a MP at the same time as living a normal family life.

Last week Tory MP Louise Mensch shocked many when she announced she was quitting parliament after only two years as she could not cope with the pressure of being in parliament, looking after her three children and having her husband live in New York.

Of those asked 58% thought it was possible for MPs to do a good job as well as look after their family, while 31% thought they could not.

People were also asked whether they thought British MPs were paid more or less than members of parliament in other countries.

While most, 45%, said they did not know, 31% said they thought British MPs got paid more and 13% thought they got paid less.