16/08/2012 11:42 BST | Updated 21/08/2012 22:44 BST

Fifty Shades Of Grey: Boost In Requests For Audio Books Among Elderly

The Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy is hardly what you expect to see on your gradmother's bookshelf on a Sunday afternoon. But prepare for the inevitable.

Requests for audio versions of the book have gone through the roof according to Calibre, a charity that provides for short-sighted pensioners, with the majority coming from women over 70.

"Many of these women were part of the ‘60s sexual revolution are very broadminded," Calibre's director, Michael Lewington, told Huff Post UK Lifestyle. "Some are now housebound and feel socially excluded but literature links them with the outside world. When relatives come they can talk about the latest bestsellers which they (Calibre's users) can borrow from us."

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Christine Ronaldson, Head of Literature and Audio Book Production said: “As a library with 8,500 audio books covering over 60 categories from fiction to non-fiction, we have to respond to what our members want to read. Our decision to add this popular series reflects this.

"We believe that people who are visually impaired should have the same access to books as sighted people. Our members can choose not to receive X-rated books, but many others like a story with a bit of spice.”

EL James racy trilogy follows young, sexually inexperienced student Ana Steele and her affair with billionaire Christian Grey.

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We Predict A Sell-Out

Fifty Shades fans will be pleased to learn that the bestseller is being brought to the stage in 50 Shades! The Musical. The musical parody debuts at Edinburgh festival and is performed by Baby Wants Candy.

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We Predict A Sell-Out

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