16/08/2012 12:44 BST | Updated 16/08/2012 12:54 BST

Mars: Adrift On The Hourglass Sea, Nasa Commissions Nicholas Kahn And Richard Selesnick To Imagine The Red Planet (PICTURES)

On a desolate, desert landscape, two faceless, spacesuit-clad women wander among spacecraft debris. As we follow their progress they stop on a mountaintop and one gives birth.

Steampunk-esque machinery hovers above the dusty ground and vaguely familiar ruins and relics litter the landscape. There are no men here.

This is what is happening on Mars.


Desolate: A space-suited female scrambles up a rock face

Or at least, it is in the minds’ eye of artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick.

The pair, who as children would pretend to explore the red planet, were asked by Nasa to create impressions of what they believed lies in store on Mars.

Inspired by the first real glimpses of the planet, as provided by the Curiosity Rover, the duo collaborated on a project they named: Mars: Adrift On The Hourglass Sea.

Kahn told Wired: “I think Earth wouldn’t be on its path toward destruction if it was run by women.


New life: But there is no man in this picture

“So we decided to give Mars a little hope by sending two women up who wouldn’t necessarily see conquering and seizing all of its minerals as a main thing and that a new birth for this dying planet would be two women and their child that is seemingly conceived without a male involved.

"It gave it a utopian aspect amidst the gloom of the post-colonial sad ruined-empire quality that we gave it – so it was kind of a sweet counterbalance.”

Mars: Adrift On The Hourglass Sea