17/08/2012 07:04 BST | Updated 17/08/2012 07:06 BST

Dog Survives Porcupine Attack: Weird News Picture Of The Day

Know what, folks? We've really got to do something about these porcupines. They're getting out of hand.

To clarify, it seems to be one porcupine in particular who's causing havoc over in Oklahoma - having left a second dog needing emergency medical attention just three days after a similar attack.

Poor cross-breed Shiloh needed 500 quills removed from her face, legs and paws at the Animal Emergency Center in Norman, following her unfortunate encounter with the anti-social porcupine...

However, you'll be pleased to see that she's fine again now - albeit a little shell-shocked...

Police and animal welfare experts are now on the lookout for a bald porcupine.