20/08/2012 09:40 BST

Finn Wins Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships (VIDEO)

Ever come over a bit 'Naomi Campbell' and felt the urge to lob your phone as far as possible? Well, it's time to channel that anger into something (vaguely) useful - because mobile phone throwing is now officially a sport.

Don't believe us? Well, more fool you. Because this weekend saw the 13th Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships take place in Savonlinna, Finland.

Proud Finn Ere Karjalainen set a new world record after chucking his mobile an impressive 332ft - while South African Jeremy Gallop could only manage second place with his 311ft effort.

However, it's not just the length of the throw that matters. The competition also includes a freestyle category, in which contestants are judged on the aesthetics and creativity involved in their phone-chucking.

We should just add that all phones are retrieved and recycled at the end of the competition.

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