Too Hot To Sleep? Our Top Tips To Beat The Heat

Too Hot To Sleep?

While we all enjoy basking in the sunshine during the day, we can't say we're fond of the sweaty sleepless nights that follow them after hours.

Gone are the tucked under the duvet days, warming hands around a cup of cocoa while the fire crackles and cue the tossing and turning of summer nights, gasping for air.

But just because the sun has got his hat on (hip hip hip hurray!) does not lessen our need for a good night's rest, so here are our top tips (with the help of National Sleep Foundation) to beat the heat and get your snooze on.

  • Prevent excessive heat build-up in your house during the day, by pulling down blinds and keeping windows closed
  • Try taking a shower before bed, as water is a great cooling agent
  • Wear light cotton PJs (or maybe none at all) to keep from getting overheated
  • Have a fan in your bedroom to help keep you cool
  • Remove your duvet from its cover, and sleep under just the sheet
  • Drink lots of cool fluids and eat smaller, more frequent meals

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