24/08/2012 12:42 BST

Duff Beer Brawl Rages On As Colombian Brothers Fight Fox Over 'The Simpsons' Beer (PICTURES)

Duff beer, the fictional favourite brew of Homer Simpson, has become the subject of a multi-national lawsuit as 20th Century Fox fights two Colombian brothers over their Duff-branded beer.

Oscar and Alvaro Ballasteros, from Bogota, Columbia, have been producing their ale, Duff Sudamerica, since 2009, but the television company behind legendary show The Simpsons are trying to shut down the brothers.

The two have already been forced to switch the beer's official name from Duff to DuH - with an H stylised to resemble two Fs – but that hasn't appeased Fox.

duff beer columbia

The beer, which bears a strong resemblance to that preferred by Homer Simpson

Government regulators overseeing the alcohol trade in the country have agreed to halt the company's production of the beer, while sales of the beer in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and New Zealand have been stopped.

The brothers plan to appeal the ruling, refusing to back down from the fight.

“It appears only in cartoons, in a fictional world. Here in Colombia we trademarked it and produced it first,” Alvaro explains.

duff beer

The beer is being shut down in Columbia after a legal challenge

Santiago Mora, the two's lawyer, said the company won't "be frightened by a multinational.

"We’re going to fight a battle that is just starting. We will defend our rights.”

What do you think? Is it, or should Fox let it go?