31/08/2012 05:29 BST | Updated 30/10/2012 05:12 GMT

Parliament 'Fire' Closes House Of Commons Chamber

House of Commons officials have rushed to reassure people that parliament has in fact, not burned down.

On Friday morning it was reported that a fire in the Palace of Westminster had led to the House of Commons chamber being closed.

Sources at the palace said there was no significant damage but areas were being cordoned off because of the potential danger from toxic substances such as asbestos.

However later on Friday morning a spokesman for the parliamentary authorities said the fire alarms had gone off in the early hours due to overnight works in the basement.

"Contrary to some media reports, there was no fire," they added.

On Sunday it was reported that parliament could be relocated for up to five years whilst essential repairs are made and rotten plumbing, asbestos panels and creaking electrics are overhauled.

Of course if the building burns down then MPs may have to find a new home sooner rather than later.