Indonesian Mummified Remains Dressed In New Clothes By Family Members (PICTURES)

Ever Seen A Mummy Wearing A Seventies Tie?

Despite the dapper tie and snappy suit, this old chap isn’t in the best of health… mainly because he’s been dead for a couple of hundred years.

Ready to step out for a night on the town...

Held up by (living) family members, the mummified remains of a man and a woman are given their three-yearly sprucing, which includes new threads in a ritual in Indonesia.

Called Ma'nene, the ceremony, which was pictured in the Sulawesi Province, celebrates the deceased and the bond that exists between family members - both alive and dead.

"A bit chilly..."

After the ritual, the remains are laid to rest for another three years before returning once again to the world of the living.


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