Feminist Ryan Gosling: Tumblr Project Hits UK Bookshelves (PICTURES)

Fear Not, Feminist Ryan Gosling Is Here

It can be trying to define yourself as a feminist.

Am I pro-porn or anti? Do I buy a sexy bra or burn them all? If dye my hair blonde, get excited by a Topshop sale or spray my skin a slightly more golden hue am I betraying the sisterhood?

Well worry not my sisters, Ryan Gosling is on hand to fix your womanly woes. (Well, kind of.)

New book, Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (as Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude does exactly what it says on the tin -- merging Huffpost UK Lifestyle's two favourite subjects, feminist theory and Gosling himself.

Started by Danielle Henderson as a Tumblr in October 2011, the site quickly went viral (receiving more than 3m hits in a month) and has since been made into a book.

Scroll down for great quotes from the book..

Each entry teams a picture of the actor with a feminist remark (that he didn't actually say), which encapsulates the feminist-Ryan hybrid of our dreams.

With leading roles in chick flicks like The Notebook, Ryan has earned himself unofficial title of Super Sensitive Dreamy Heartthrob Hero and Danielle could think of no better man to front her project.

"I picked Ryan Gosling because he's smart and socially aware, and my friends all think he's hot. It seemed to make a good combination for studying," she told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"I'm not sure another individual would work well in his place; there are not very many mainstream or popular male personas talking about feminism or making statements aligned with feminist ideas."

Our favourite entries have to be: "Hey girl, we can't smash the patriachy without the right tools" and "Hey girl, we don't call our sisters bitches."

Speaking about her decision to use the "hey girl" meme, Danielle said:

"That's sort of a cheeky joke. It's true that a lot of women self-identify as girls, as much as it is true that a lot of people use 'girl' in the pejorative to denigrate or demean women.

"I think part of the problem is that our culture actively fears women. Women as a group are this strong, unknown entity, where 'girl' has a perceived passivity imbedded."

"I personally don't have a problem with either term - I think it's fairly easy to deduce that I'm not a shrinking violet - but I absolutely know people who prefer to be referred to as 'woman', or who actively dismiss being labeled as a 'girl', possibly as a way to deflect that inherent passivity."

Feminist Ryan Gosling hits UK shelves today