Dancing Traffic Cop Entertains US Drivers (VIDEO)

WATCH: Dancing Traffic Cop Entertains Drivers

Know what, folks? There's very little we like more in life than stumbling across a dancing police officer. And there seem to have been a few of them out on the traffic-heavy streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, during this week's Democratic National Convention.

The nimble-footed fella featured in this video is our particular favourite. It's his attempt at moonwalking that really impressed us, as we're sure you'll appreciate.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the dancing cops are part of a group of SWAT officers from the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, who've been drafted in as temporary traffic marshals.

Ah, if only everybody could dance as they went about their daily duties. (We did just try doing the Macarena while typing this story, but it was interfering with our typing.)

And if you're in the mood for some more dance-appreciation, take a look at this polar bear impersonating John Travolta. No, really:


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