08/09/2012 12:19 BST

Wayne Rooney Cleaning Up His Act For Son, Kai

Football fans could see Wayne Rooney putting his bad boy days behind him, as he has admitted he wants to set a good example for his son.

While injury has meant Wayne has not been able to do much to help get Manchester United's season off to a flying start, he is planning to make sure he can do everything he can to be a good dad to his son Kai.

Known for his naughty shenanigans both on and off the pitch, Wayne is planning to turn over a new leaf after being shocked by his own behaviour last year when he swore after a game and was banned from playing.

He told The Sun: "Obviously you want to do right by your kids and I think of that incident with West Ham when I swore down the camera.

"I was really disappointed with myself and I made a conscious effort to try and stop silly things like that. I don't really want my kid seeing his dad do that on TV."

Kai seems to be taking an interest in his dad's job, as Wayne explained he loves to attend matches, even though some of the evening games take place after the two year old's bedtime.

With Wayne set to be out of action for a month while he recovers from a thigh injury, he might have to be careful he does not pile on the pounds.

In a new tell-all book from the 26 year old, Wayne admitted that he arrived for Man United's pre-season training in 2009 seven pounds overweight.