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Coleen Rooney said her husband had “all these plans” after the famous case.
Four years on from the tweet that broke the internet, Coleen is finally having her say about how she came to be Wagatha Christie.
The famous footballer's wife didn't tell a soul about her plans – including her husband.
Wayne Rooney, Rishi Sunak and Prince William are among those to have shown the team their support.
The Culture Club star said he was “bald” before undergoing the procedure.
"Hopefully he doesn’t get himself into any of them horrible situations again."
Rooney accuses Vardy of leaking stories about her private life.
Vardy's agent admitted disclosing information to the press about Rooney in messages heard during the legal battle between the footballers’ wives.
"It's got it all!", thunders one US newspaper as story is translated into German and Norwegian.