13/09/2012 07:50 BST

Kazuhiro Watanabe Crowned Owner Of World's Tallest Mohawk (PICTURES)

In case you have ever wondered exactly how tall the world's tallest mohawk is, it is 3ft 8.6in.

It's owner? Japanese fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe, who managed to grow, and somehow style, his hair to such an extraordinary length that it will feature in the Guinness World Records 2013 Book as the world's tallest mohawk.

Watanabe revealed it has taken him 15 years to grow his hair this long, saying it was "a lot of hard work."

He takes the title from German Stefan Srocka, whose record 2ft 7.5in barnet is dwarfed by Watanabe's effort.

Watanabe himself is 5ft 7in, making him a good 9ft 3.6in tall, four inches taller than Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever recorded.

worlds tallest mohawk

According to Watanabe, it takes three stylists, three cans of hair spray and an entire bottle of hair gel to fix it in place.

How does Watanabe operate on a daily basis with his enormous hair? Unfortunately, he doesn't wear it every day, instead only saving it for special, probably outdoor, events.

He normally clips his hair into place, else it would dangle around the backs of his knees.

Watanabe originally decided he wanted to set a world record aged 20, and briefly considered attempting the record for drinking tabasco sauce.