14/09/2012 09:54 BST | Updated 12/11/2012 10:27 GMT

Facebook Ad Campaign For Dr Pepper Hijacked By Christian Creationists

An ad campaign on the Dr Pepper's American Facebook page has been hijacked by users arguing over the theory of evolution.

The picture, which suggests the fruity fizz played a role in the evolution of man, was taken very seriously by some Facebook users, who vehemently objected to the ad.

facebook dr pepper

The Facebook poster for Dr Pepper: do you find it offensive?

Angry debate raged on the company's Facebook wall after Christian fundamentalists complained the poster was based on an “unproven theory.”

“2000 years of evidence vs 150 of not enough evidence to refute creation” one wrote, while another posted "I find the advertisement hilarious, your belief in evolution is also amusing."

The advert soon went viral, attracting more than 3000 comments as angry words were exchanged btween creationists and those holding fast to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

"Well you might think you came from a monkey but I came from Jesus I'll pray for you" wrote one user.

Many of the commenters took the ad a little more lightly.

Some suggested the way a Dr Pepper can fitted so snugly in a human hand was evidence of intelligent design. Another wrote: "Dr pepper is my new god, the flavours and spices are his disciples."

None of the commenters believed that Dr Pepper had played an important part in human evolution. Indeed one wrote: "If evolution is real then how come Dr. Pepper still exists?"