Charles Darwin

Read more on The Huffington Post “I love AQA, thank you so much,” one pupil posted on Twitter.   “That exam was a blessing
'Think I accidentally took the historical meme exam instead of biology.'
Thousands of GCSE students were left baffled yesterday afternoon over a “stupid” question about Charles Darwin on the AQA
It's widely acknowledged by all who think rationally that we are living in worrying times. I myself have taken to adopting a 'fight or flight' response to watching the news. Should I pull a 'three wise monkeys' and make out like everything is okay? Or do I sink into the breach and confront things head on?
It seems we all might have an apology to make, as new research has confirmed that the appendix isn’t the useless waste of
More Assassin's Creed games are coming out in the next couple of months, along with their slogan, "History is our playground." But these games are not about history, they're about conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theories are often brash simplifications of more complex historical events, as the next installments are going to be.
NEW YORK -- A leading candidate in the Republican presidential race believes a spooky ghost possessed Charles Darwin. Dr
Consider the following alternative. The forward-facing brain can almost certainly be traced back to the development of neural nets in all extremely simple organisms with bilaterian (symmetrical) body plans.