25/09/2012 06:19 BST | Updated 26/09/2012 05:18 BST

Andrew Mitchell 'Pleb' Scandal: 10 Things We Now Know About The Chief Whip

The Chief Whip currently engulfed in damaging scandal where he is said to have called a police officer outside Downing Street a "f**king pleb", is no newbie to politics, having been elected in 1987.

But he had so far avoided too much media scrutiny of his past or his office politics. Long gone are those days.

Andrew Mitchell, Chief Whip, has had some skeletons come out of his closet this week


1. Mitchell ran a tight ship at boarding school, earning the nickname "Thrasher"

2. Schoolmates said Mitchell "always knew he would be prime minister" and he won the school's mock election in 1974.

3. 'Pleb' isn't the Rugby slang for an annoying policeman trying to do his job. Mitchell should have called him a f**king 'stewboi'.

4. He is part of a political dynasty, the fourth Mitchell to become an MP, and the son of David Mitchell. Not the comedian or the author. The former Tory minister under Margaret Thatcher.

5. The father and son's time in the House of Commons coincided for a decade after the younger Mitchell became an MP in 1987.

6. When his campaign to elect David Davis as Tory leader in 2005 began to stall, he decided to invite George Osborne to dinner at his country house. (Just catching up with old friends). He's now a staunch Cameron loyalist.

7. As International Development Secretary, he expected male officials in his department to wear jackets and ties at all times and wanted to be addressed as "Secretary of State".

8. Civil servants told the Independent that, despite the strict dress code, Mitchell himself sometimes held meetings without wearing any shoes and still wearing his bicycle clips.

9. Mitchell's favourite coffee mug is emblazoned with his former job title: "Secretary of State for International Development".

10. Mitchell said his outburst at the policeman was due to a "long and frustrating day at work". His schedule included lunch at expensive Westminster curry restaurant, the Cinnamon Club, and speaking to wealthy Tory donors at the Carlton Club.