Andrew Mitchell

The government minister said he couldn't "prophesy for the future" when asked if the policy would remain in place.
Andrew Mitchell's comments appeared to put him at odds with Suella Braverman.
"We are considering all avenues for how to safely evacuate people,” the prime minister's spokesman said.
Andrew Mitchell said it would only have "marginal benefit" in stopping asylum seekers crossing the Channel in small boats.
Supporters of Liz Truss are piling pressure on Jeremy Hunt and Rishi Sunak.
Some 30 MPs have now backed an amendment threatening to inflict Boris Johnson's first Commons defeat since 2019 election.
Joining Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth, Tory former development secretary Andrew Mitchell speaks about the growing rebellion against the aid cut and the tax rises ahead for Rishi Sunak.
Ex-cabinet minister and rebel ringleader Andrew Mitchell tells HuffPost UK MPs should vote against "nasty" cuts.