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Some 30 MPs have now backed an amendment threatening to inflict Boris Johnson's first Commons defeat since 2019 election.
Joining Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth, Tory former development secretary Andrew Mitchell speaks about the growing rebellion against the aid cut and the tax rises ahead for Rishi Sunak.
Ex-cabinet minister and rebel ringleader Andrew Mitchell tells HuffPost UK MPs should vote against "nasty" cuts.
Reduction may be temporary but critics say move "will diminish us on the world stage".
Tory ex-cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell hits out at anonymous source briefing, which sparked what one MP called a "racist" attack on Germany from Leave.EU.
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Andrew Mitchell tells HuffPost UK's Commons People podcast the ex-foreign secretary is too far ahead and there are too many candidates.
MP Andrew Mitchell belatedly joins the team as they take in the news from the first round of votes in the Tory leadership contest. Does frontrunner Boris Johnson need to do more though?
When I was detained for five months, we were calling out for someone from outside to come and see how we were being treated
Britain is respected around the world for effective leadership on International Development. We now need to demonstrate that after Brexit we will play our part as Global Britain: working effectively with our European allies and others in a new post-EU relationship that delivers and inspires, which embodies our outward-looking international values and emphasises our determination to play our part in making the world a better place.
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He revealed that since leaving Ukip last year, he now only speaks to half a dozen of his former MEP colleagues, and Nigel
Mitchell's "new Srebrenica" line echoes Jan Egeland, the United Nations official who's responsible for trying to broker humanitarian access in Syria. The effectiveness - or otherwise - of UN efforts to deliver aid into Syria has been one of the many vexed issues of this crisis. With Srebrenica (as with Rwanda) the UN failed abysmally. Is it going to fail with Syria as well? Let's fervently hope not. And let's hope that Aleppo stays at the centre of international attention. Because, even without a standalone massacre of Srebrenica's magnitude, Aleppo is already a frightening humanitarian emergency. Aleppo isn't the new Srebrenica, it's the old Aleppo. And that's easily bad enough.
Jo Cox spent almost all her adult life devoted to the same two causes to which I have devoted mine: humanitarian aid and human rights, and politics. And she was the same age as me. Indeed, we were only eight days apart.
The daughter of Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell has said that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt should be sacked. Hannah Mitchell
Preparation for the rebuilding of Syria must be on the agenda. Whilst it has been easy to regard the current crisis as political calamity, it is just as important to know that any future stability, peace and prosperity in the region rests upon humanity providing for the suffering people of Syria today - optimistically I hope, this vision is shared by parties that have pledged for Syria's future.
Civil society organisations, both regional and Syrian, need to be empowered and strengthened to respond to the vast needs. They are on the front lines responding to the crisis and will be there long after Syria fades from the headlines. The world must act now for Syria.
Andrew Mitchell has accused the police of "marking their own homework" after one of the officers who pursued him over the
The international community is guilty of a grotesque lack of action and effectiveness. The authority of the UN - set up after the second world war precisely to ensure that this could never happen again - is being flouted and grossly undermined by this paralysis and failure. For everyone's sake this catastrophe must now be brought an end.