28/09/2012 15:19 BST

Royal Marine Aaron Moon Who Lost Leg In Afghanistan Has Benefits Cut After Atos Test

A royal marine who lost his leg in a roadside bomb in Afghanistan has had his disability benefits cut after being assessed by private firm Atos.

Aaron Moon is taking the government to a tribunal to appeal against the decision after claiming that Atos nurse who assessed him "didn't seem to understand what an amputation was."

Although Atos does not make the final decision over whether disabled people should claim benefits, they provide recommendations on the basis of tests.

The 25-year-old royal marine told BBC Five Live that the nurse had read out his injuries, which included fractures to his shoulder, spine, pelvis, hip, heel and legs, a ruptured spleen, dislocated knees and the amputation.

However the nurse appeared "shocked" after asking to see Mr Moon's leg, which prompted him to unscrew his prosthetic and hand it over.

"He asked me to move my toes on my right foot" he told Shelagh Fogerty.

"I said, 'I can't I dont have one.'"

But he added: "I was pretty lucky”

"For people who have post traumatic stress disorder, that could have really upset them if they are struggling to come to terms with losing a leg."

Moon was not attempting to claim incapacity benefit, but rather a disability living allowance which anybody with a disability can claim to help with the extra costs.

“I’ve been in and out and hospital, I’ve had to have loads of operations, on loads of different medication and you know I need to adapt my house as I’ve only got one leg.

“I only had my leg amputated in 2010, so I’m still struggling with it. I can’t even walk without crutches at the moment, that’s even if I can get my prosthetic on because of the pain."

Moon told the Daily Record "I've fought for my country and when I got back, the government turned their back on me."

A DWP spokesman told the Daily Record "Cases like this show exactly why we need to reform the system.

"With millions of pounds in underpayments and overpayments, we agree people are not always getting the right support."

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