28/09/2012 12:48 BST | Updated 28/09/2012 13:09 BST

Unusual Exercises To Boost Your Autumn Fitness Routine (PICTURES)

Autumn has officially arrived bringing with it falling leaves, darker evenings and dropping temperatures.

If you're anything like us here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, there's nothing you want to do less than go for a run right now. So we've compiled a list of unusual exercises to help give your regime a boost.

Although we are safely out of bikini season, it's good to keep your fitness routine up before Christmas rolls around and you find yourself slumped on the sofa in pyjamas in a Terry's-chocolate-orange induced coma.

From Laughter Yoga to Zumba club nights, we've scoured the country for the latest and greatest. Enjoy...

Unusual Exercises