01/10/2012 10:49 BST | Updated 01/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Will.I.Am And Simon Cowell To Launch Tech X Factor To Find The Next Steve Jobs

Where should you look to find the next great innovator in technology?

Historically it's been in dorm rooms, garages and the back rooms of giant corporations.

In future it might be on TV.

The Voice judge and pop star Will.I.Am says he is working with Simon Cowell on a new TV show to find tech entrepreneurs.

He told a conference in London that: "We're working on a project called X Factor for tech -- and it's going to be out of this world."

"Singing and performance create a couple of jobs. But this will create lots.

"It's about getting in touch with youth and giving them a platform to express themselves -- whether that's in science or mathematics."

The remarks were reported by The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and other newspapers.

There are no details about the show at this stage, but it would not be an entirely new venture for the Black Eyed Peas singer.

He has previously been an advocate for an increased role of technology in education, and is a "director of creative innovation" for Intel. He also recently became the first pop star to have his song broadcast on Mars.

He said in August:

"I stand for trying to change communities around science. The song was made to inspire kids to want to be scientists, space explorers and create new products and technologies that are sustainable. That's the reason my song got beamed back, not because I'm the dopest musician on the earth.

"Power to the geeks".